Marvel Realm of Champions Is Now Available

Marvel's latest mobile gaming effort has arrived! The talked-about new game Marvel Realm of [...]

Marvel's latest mobile gaming effort has arrived! The talked-about new game Marvel Realm of Champions has finally launched on iOS and Android devices, giving fans of the popular comic franchise an all-new way to experience the characters they love. Following in the footsteps of Marvel Contest of Champions, Realm of Champions is a fight for Battleworld, and it creates a much more unique experience for players. Instead of simply playing with existing Marvel characters, players in Realm can create their own versions of their favorite heroes.

The murder of Maestro, who has been keeping peace on Battleworld, has caused a new riff in factions across the land. This caused the leaders of Battleworld to form a group to fight a way in secret, in order to prevent an all-out public brawl. This is where the players come in.

"MARVEL Realm of Champions is a game that could only be possible thanks to Kabam's team of incredibly talented and knowledgeable creators and the level of trust and confidence we have built with Marvel Games. Marvel is an amazing partner, allowing us the opportunity to transform their properties into something that no Marvel fan has witnessed before," said Gabriel Frizzera, Creative Director of MARVEL Realm of Champions. "This is only the beginning for Realm, we are creating a world as deep and rich as MARVEL Contest of Champions. We are looking forward to seeing how the world and stories of Battleworld unfold as players dive deep into what makes Realm special."

"As MARVEL Contest of Champions celebrates its sixth sensational year, our amazing friends at Kabam are boldly expanding their ongoing story as they invite players around the world to select and shape their own Marvel Super Hero to battle for the fate of Battleworld," said Marvel Games VP and Head of Creative Bill Rosemann. "From the Super Soldiers of the noble Patriot Garrison to the Web Warriors of the secretive Spider-Guild to the Hulks of the rampaging Gamma Horde, players have the power of variety and customization at their fingertips. Choose wisely and brawl bravely!"

You can watch the official launch trailer for Marvel Realm of Champions at the top of the page.

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