Marvel’s Iron Man VR's ESRB Rating Makes the Game Sound Pretty Violent

As its release date creeps ever closer, more information continues to come out about the upcoming PlayStation VR title Marvel's Iron Man VR. The video game, from Seattle-based developer Camouflaj, is now set to release this May after being delayed, and the latest news about the game is that it finally has an official ESRB rating. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), if you're not familiar, rates video games on a scale with several potential ratings depending on the content of the game, and Marvel's Iron Man VR is officially rated T for Teen.

Some minor spoilers for Marvel's Iron Man VR follow. You've been warned.

More specifically, the ESRB rating indicates that there is "Mild Language" and "Violence" in the video game, which isn't exactly shocking to learn. Iron Man has blasters embedded in his armor, after all, and they aren't for cuddling puppies. (As far as we know, anyway.) The more descriptive paragraph summary that ESRB has posted for the rating gets into a little more detail, however, and even potentially spoils some pivotal scenes.

Here is Marvel's Iron Man VR 's ESRB rating, in full:

"This is a VR action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man as he battles a villain intent on destroying his company. From a first-person perspective, players interact with different characters and engage in combat in the Iron Man suit. Players use lasers, missiles, and repulsor rays to destroy waves of enemy drones and tanks. Battles are accompanied by large explosions and realistic gunfire effects. In one sequence, civilians can be heard screaming inside elevators, as players attempt to help them escape detonations. Cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: a character pointing a pistol towards the screen; a bound Tony getting his arc reactor ripped out of his chest. The word 'a*s' is heard in the game."


The upcoming VR video game was recently delayed from its previous release date set for this month to May, and the developers shared a statement that said they wanted to meet high expectations and deliver on their vision. In other words, more polish needed to be applied.

Marvel's Iron Man VR is set to release for PlayStation VR via PlayStation 4 on May 15th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming virtual reality video game right here.