Marvel Snap's Best Deck Is Even Stronger For Today Only

Marvel Snap's weekly "Hot Location" is giving players a brief chance to run up some broken combos on their opponent. Marvel Snap is a new mobile card game in which players battle for control of three different locations, each of which has its own perks and abilities. Today, Marvel Snap has one location designated as a "Hot Location," meaning that the location appears 60% more frequently until 8 PM PT. This week's "Hot Location" is Kamar-Taj, which causes an "On Reveal" ability to activate twice.

There are a ton of cards that have "On Reveal" abilities, both the decks that best synergize with Kamar-Taj features Odin as an anchor. Odin's "On Reveal" ability causes all other cards at his location to activate again, and that card's ability stacks with Kamar-Taj's activation. This means that cards played at Kamar-Taj can potentially activate four times, provided that they're used in an Odin deck. 

Some strong cards that work well with Odin and Kamar-Taj includes White Tiger (which can flood the board with 7 Power Tiger cards), Ironheart (which provides +2 buffs to three cards...which means a big power swing over the course of the game if utilized with Kamar-Taj and Odin), Wolfsbane (which can add a major Power boost if Odin's played at Kamar-Taj on the last turn) and Spider-Woman (who can blast enemy cards with -1 Power debuffs multiple times thanks to Kamar-Taj/Odin). For players who don't want to deal with a Kamar-Taj/Odin combo, be sure to have Cosmo in your deck, as it negates all On Reveal abilities at his location. 

Kamar-Taj will only appear more often for today, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to string together some great combos. 

Marvel Snap is available on mobile devices now.