Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Reveals Loki as Playable Character

Marvel revealed on Thursday during its Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Loki will be [...]

Marvel revealed on Thursday during its Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Loki will be a playable character in the game. The brother of Thor who often finds himself on both sides of the Avengers and other characters from the Marvel universe will lend his trickster powers to the already stacked roster once the game releases for the Nintendo Switch on July 19th.

Loki will be recognizable in the game as the character Marvel fans are familiar with, though like other heroes and Marvel stars, he's got a look that's still unique to the game. Those in attendance at Hall H while Marvel Games held its panel got to see gameplay of the character while a tweet from the Marvel Games account which came right afterwards confirmed the character's inclusion to the public.'s Matt Aguilar was present at the Hall H panel and was able to witness some of the gameplay that was shown when Loki was revealed to be a playable character. True to the trickster god's strengths, Loki is able to send out clones of himself during fights. One of his abilities saw the hero bringing all of these clones together to create an ice blast at the center of the convergence. Loki is also able to use ice attacks and tornadoes against the hordes of enemies you'll encounter in Ultimate Alliance 3.

Marvel fans have already seen tons of characters revealed for the game, many of them ones that were totally unexpected while others like Spider-Man and the Avengers were safe bets. Loki is one of the fighters who seemed like he could go either way, but considering how some characters with iffy morals such as Venom were seen in the game as playable options, Loki's reveal as another playable character isn't too surprising. Cyclops and Colossus are also being added to the game as DLC characters, Marvel Games announced.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 19th with several expansions coming afterwards to add even more characters to the game.