Marvel vs. Capcom Will Not Be at EVO for the First Time Ever

Marvel vs. Capcom is part of the fighting game community DNA. EVO (short for Evolution) is the biggest fighting game event in the world, and Marvel vs. Capcom has always been a part of this event -- until now. Last night the EVO 2018 lineup was revealed, and to everyone's surprise, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was not included as part of the lineup. See the tweet right here:

There are two major slaps to the faces of Marvel vs. Capcom fans, here. The first is the fact that Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is brand freaking new, got included in the lineup. Sometimes when a game doesn't make the cut it can be written off as being "too new." Well, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is new, but Dragon Ball FighterZ is much newer, and it will be in the spotlight this year.

The other slap in the face is the fact that, as we mentioned, we never have EVO without Marvel vs. Capcom. It's almost as though the FGC said, "You know what, Capcom? This latest entry is so bad that we're going to break with years and years of tradition and exclude this game. It's that divisive, and we're not having it. Make something better next time." That's the punch-in-the-gut feeling many Marvel vs. Capcom fans are dealing with this morning.

No one knows exactly why Infinite wasn't included in the lineup, but it's not hard to guess. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite didn't do so much of what the FGC was hoping it would do, and did so much of what it hoped the game wouldn't do. It feels way to familiar to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and we all recognize that several animations and attacks are lifted straight out of that game. The roster at launch was underwhelming, and Capcom shoved DLC in our faces immediately. The exciting 3v3 setup of past games is gone, lost in the aether somewhere along with the X-Men.

In short, the Marvel vs. Capcom magic is gone. Everything that made the franchise what it is today is just missing from Infinite, and now the series will be missing from EVO. Can Marvel vs. Capcom come back from this?