Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Offering Bonus Spider-Man Costume On PlayStation

Even though some fans are a bit critical regarding its release, there are many that are enjoying the fighting antics of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite right now – including us, based on our review. And now, PlayStation 4 owners can get a little something extra for their trouble.

The official PlayStation Twitter page announced last week that there’s a special cross promotion going on right now for both Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and the Digital HD copy of Spider-Man: Homecoming on the PlayStation Store.

Those that pick up the movie in the store will be able to unlock an exclusive skin for Spidey in the game – the multi-limbed Superior Spider-Man! You can see this skin in action in the trailer above, and while the extra limbs don’t seem to offer a combat advantage, they do look cool as hell.

The Superior Spider-Man skin stems from the comics storyline in which Peter Parker switched minds with Dr. Octopus, allowing the superhero to extend with four additional robotic legs. So comic book fans will easily recognize the skin, though it definitely appears that the hero is still in a Spider-Man frame of mind.

There’s no word yet if Capcom is intending to offer the skin outside of the Homecoming promotion, so it looks to be exclusive for now. And there’s also no way to unlock it – yet – for the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, but you never can tell. A bunch of pre-order skins were offered before the game’s release as well, and who knows, those could be released down the road for separate purchase – especially with Thor: Ragnarok set to hit theaters early next month.


We’ll see what happens next, but in the meantime, fans can prepare for the first batch of downloadable content for the game, which arrives next week and features the first three DLC characters, including Black Panther, Sigma and Monster Hunter. More are set to follow later in the year, but Capcom hasn’t disclosed their release dates just yet. We should know more soon.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.