Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Leak Reveals First Look at Venom

The first images of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s version of Venom appear to have been leaked [...]


The first images of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's version of Venom appear to have been leaked ahead of the Marvel fighter's official reveal.

The images in question were first shared to Reddit, ResetERA, and other online communities where they quickly began circulating and gaining traction online. An album on Imgur contained both of the images that showed Venom both in the fighter select screen and in a game. Venom was known to be a DLC character that would be released sometime soon, but now that we've seen him actually in the game, it's even more likely that an official reveal will be coming soon.

However, Venom's look in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite might be a bit different than some would expect. It certainly seemed that way judging from the comments on Reddit and other forums where the images were shared with many saying that they expected a bigger version of Venom to be playable in the game. Several speculated that he looks much more like Anti-Venom, but the consensus there until it's officially revealed is that the images shown in the album portray Venom with a skin as opposed to his base version.

In the first image that was shown in the album that showed a screenshot of the UI, it also showed Black Widow and Winter Soldier alongside Venom. These three characters haven't been introduced into the game yet, so they'll likely be released at the same time during the next round of DLC.

While the images appeared in the album without a known source at first, Internet sleuths quickly pieced together some information that supposedly points towards a professional gamer. The tweet above from MechaMacGyver shows the original two images alongside a third that shows pro gamer FChamp. You'll notice that the curtains in the third image appear to match up with the ones shown in the Venom leak, so a connection could certainly be drawn there.

That connection led to other discussions on whether the competitive player had access to a different build of the game from others, something that didn't sit well with those who were concerned with the integrity of tournaments and other competitions. But the leak and the source have yet to be confirmed, so there'll be plenty of aspects of the leak to continue talking about once more information is found to be true.