Marvel's Avengers Fans Divided Over New Iron Man MCU Suit

Marvel's Avengers fans are divided over a new Iron Man 2 Marvel Cinematic Universe suit coming to the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia game. Using the game's official Twitter account, today Crystal Dynamics announced that a new suit "inspired" Mark V in Iron Man 2 is set to release tomorrow, via the in-game marketplace. How much it will cost, the game's official Twitter account doesn't say, but it will presumably be in line with the price of previous premium skins.

So, what's the problem? Well, while there are plenty fans of the game excited to cop the new suit and surprised with its stealth release, other fans aren't happy with its release and how Crystal Dynamics continues to release cosmetics amid backlash over a recent update to the game accused of being "pay-to-win."

"Now you officially lost me as a supporter of this game, literally deflecting your games issues with paid cosmetics and ignoring your community," reads one reply to the tweet sharing the news. 

"Not one I expected to see so soon but looks great," reads another reply, which took feedback in the opposite direction. "I know there are several who were waiting for this one. Great job! It looks great. You made many Iron Man mains happy with this one."

As the tweets get at, Crystal Dynamics has yet to address the pushback the game has been getting since the aforementioned update. The release of these new outfits likely has nothing to do with this pushback and trying to mitigate it, as releases like this are in content pipelines for weeks before they are released. That said, this is just speculation.

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