Marvel's Avengers Fans Are Convinced There's a Sonic Drive-In in the Game

Marvel has been spotlighting its various Marvel’s Avengers stars recently to give each hero their own time to shine in individual videos. These often bring Marvel fans detailed looks at the characters’ models, alternate costumes, and most importantly, the heroes in action fighting different types of enemies. The character profile for Captain America showed off some of this and also included a brief shot of what definitely appears to be a Sonic Drive-In.

Captain America’s brief highlight reel was released at the end of August and can be seen above when Marvel’s Avengers started off its collection of character profiles. It was brief like the other videos and consisted of just 36 seconds of gameplay and close-ups as the hero fought mechanized members of A.I.M.

As one Reddit user pointed out recently, it looks like there was a part of the video people overlooked at first when taking in the Captain America details. At the beginning of the gameplay segments, we see the Avengers fighting A.I.M. in front of a building that has some distinctly recognizable colors and logos. The multiple drive-ins in front of the building pretty much seal the deal: That’s definitely a Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic Resturant in Avengers from r/MarvelAvengersProject

Of course, it doesn’t look like it’s technically a Sonic Drive-In even if that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. The inspiration behind the restaurant in the game is clear if nothing else. It’s got the same yellow colors that Sonic Drive-Ins boast and has a logo with two overlapping triangles and some red text across the front. Once the game is released, it’ll be interesting to see what players actually find on those signs if they fly up to one of them.


Other characters besides Captain America have had their chance to be in the spotlight since the hero’s character profile was first revealed. We’ve gotten better looks as Iron Man as well as detailed depictions of the Hulk and the character’s alternate costume. There are still more of these to come though, so expect to see more Avengers profiles like these soon enough and many more reveals from Marvel’s Avengers in the time leading up to the release.

Marvel’s Avengers releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on May 15, 2020.