Marvel's Iron Man Video Game Concept Cover Image Has Us In Dreamland

iron man ps4 cover
(Photo: Reddit)

Yesterday, a piece of concept art for Marvel's Iron Man surfaced and sent Marvel fans across the Internet into dreamland.

Fast-forward to today, and Reddit user ahmedaki has posted a concept game cover image to send Marvel fans agonizingly further away from reality.

As you can see in the image above, the concept cover art is simple, but striking. Further, it looks like it could be a legit cover for the hypothetical game. It's beautiful, yet painful to look at, knowing no such game is currently in development.

That hasn't stopped fans from daydreaming though. In the comments of the Reddit post, some fans are talking about the endless suit possibilities and how they could be implemented. As one user suggests, the idea of suits being customizable like in Injustice 2 would be really neat.

Elsewhere in the post, other fans talk about the possibility of a Thor or Daredevil game. The latter would particularly be difficult to craft though, due to Daredevil's traversal system not being on the same level as Spidey, or even Iron Man.

And of course there's much more hopeful wishes and theorizing, with one user pointing out the possibility for Marvel to create its own gaming universe, which sounds, in short, amazing.

Iron Man seems like a great candidate to get his own game series next, but with Insomniac Games' hands tied with Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, who would develop such a series?

The first option that comes to mind is perhaps Avalanche Studios, who knows a thing or two about jetpacks from its time developing the Just Cause series. Another great option may be the Sony-owned Sucker Punch Studios, who was once tipped to be making Marvel's Spider-Man before it was officially revealed to be an Insomniac project.


If there's one thing that Marvel's Spider-Man, and the posts like this it has spawned have shown, is that there's, perhaps unsurprisingly, a huge demand for more Marvel superhero games. Will we get more? Undoubtedly. But how soon? Who knows.

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