Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Actor Sheds Light on Release Date

Marvel's Spider-Man 2's 2023 release date is going to be a painful wait for Spidey fans on PS5. That said, there's a good reason the sequel to 2018's game is taking Insomniac Games as long as it is. As you may remember, it took four years for Insomniac Games to develop Marvel's Spider-Man. Thankfully for the developer, much of this groundwork carries over, making development of a sequel easier. So, why is the sequel seemingly taking longer to make? Why does Insomniac Games now need five years to release Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind, including a tease from an actor on the game. 

When Marvel's Spider-Man dropped, Insomniac Games released three pieces of DLC that took a few months of development, but it's understood a small team worked on this content. Some of the team also went on to make Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but again, not the entire team. You factor in both of these things though, and you can understand why the game's development is taking as long as the first game, despite the headstart based on the fact it's a sequel. But it's not taking as long, it's seemingly taking longer. This can probably be chalked up to the pandemic though, and the fact that the game is "massive."

Over on Twitter, Tony Todd, who will voice Venom in the game, explains that the game is massive, which is "why it won't come out till 2023." From the sounds of Todd's tweet, the game could release sooner if it wasn't for Insomniac Games' ambition. That said, for now, it remains to be seen just how ambitious the sequel is compared to its predecessor. 


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