Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trailer References 3 Obscure Villains

Marvel's Spider-Man 2's latest trailer includes some clever references to lesser-known villains.

We've already seen Kraven, Venom, and now Mister Negative in the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailers as well as hints of other antagonists that might be in the game, and in the latest trailer revealed this week during the San Diego Comic-Con panel, Spider-Man fans got to see references to three deep cuts into Spider-Man baddies. One scene during the trailer gave nods to three different villains that are far from the most recognizable when looking at Marvel's other bad guys, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be in the game as actual characters Peter Parker and Miles Morales can fight or interact with.

Around 32 seconds into the trailer above, we see Peter introducing Miles and Ganke to Harry Osborn who's made his return after being absent in the first game. Just before that, we see a view of several different amusement rides that's only up for a second. If you look closely at those, you might see some familiar names: Big Wheel on the Ferris wheel to the left, Hydro Bench on the water game in the middle-right, and Speed Demon on the roller coaster in the top-right corner.

In Spider-Man's roster of villains, he has Big Wheel, Speed Demon, and another called Hydro Man which these attractions appear to be references to. Hydro Man's is the least evident of the three, but when you consider the fact that his human name is Morris Bench, the reference makes much more sense.

So, does that mean these three villains will show up in the flesh in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 at some point? There's a chance, and it seems people are especially hopeful that Big Wheel will make an appearance considering how outlandish the villain is even when considering all the other bad guys Spider-Man goes up against, but it's more likely that these will just exist as clever Easter eggs for players to find. The first game, for example, made all sorts of references to different heroes and villains that never actually appeared in the game and only served to make the Marvel universe feel more lived-in. The fact that these three were in the trailer is a good sign, too, because it suggests Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will look to continue that worldbuilding trend even if the characters aren't actually in the game.