'Marvel's Spider-Man' Player Maxes Out Combo Counter

A Marvel's Spider-Man player has maxed out the combat combo counter to show that it goes all the way up to x999 but no higher.

Sharing evidence of the success on the SpidermanPS4 subreddit, Redditor and Marvel's Spider-Man player HollowFright posted an image that claimed they'd reached the highest combo that could be achieved in the Spider-man game. The image showed that the combo counter had reached 999, a number that means 999 consecutive hits were landed on enemies without taking damage or letting the counter reset after a fixed time. The "x" next to it likely shows that more hits have landed, but the counter won't go up to 1,000.

So I reached the highest combo that the game allows from r/SpidermanPS4

When raiding thugs' hideouts or stopping crimes in Marvel's Spider-Man, players will always be faced with extra challenges that reward more tokens if completed, some of those challenges requiring players to reach certain combo numbers. Shooting for a combo count of 60 is one of the tougher challenges that's asked of players later in the game when they take on enemies like Silver Sable's thugs, so going high enough to max out the counter seems like an unthinkable task to succeed in.

But according to the Redditor's comment within their post, it seems that the counter still hasn't been maxed out legitimately yet, at least not in a way that's been publicized. Following up the post with a comment that explained how the maxed-out counter was achieved, HollowFright said that they took advantage of a glitch to see how high the counter would go.

"Note: sadly I did not reach this legitimately," HollowFright explained. "There was a thug that was stuck in a wall as well as a thug stuck in a car and the wall guy was the last thug I needed to beat before the car took off and initiated a chase sequence. Because they were both stuck, I went up and punched the car guy and it registered a hit but didn't affect him so I legitimately sat there for 10 minutes straight just wailing on this dude in an attempt to see how high the combo counter goes. It caps out at 999, I have the videos to show as well if wanted."


The user commented again to say that they highest count they'd seen up until that point was 669, a number that's still an impressive number itself but one that's still far from maxing out the combo counter.