Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Takes Two Fan-Favorite Suits And Combines Them

Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 has a large swath of suits for players to choose from, including both new, original designs and classics. Best yet, all of them are brought to life with an incredible level of detail. But, you know what would make Marvel's Spider-Man even better? More suits. More and more suits. You can never have too many Spider-Man suits in a game, even if that game isn't related to Spider-Man at all. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will be getting any more suits in the game, as Insomniac Games shifts focus to a sequel. That said, while the talented artists over at Insomniac Games won't be creating any more suits for the game, players are.

Over on Reddit, user Bumbleboy11 has created a new suit for the game by taking two previous suits and combining them. More specifically, the Reddit user has taken the original design of the Advanced Suit (the default outfit for Peter Parker, created by Insomniac Games) and combined it with the Spider-Verse suit. And what would know: when you combine two amazing suits together, the end product is another amazing suit.

Advanced Spider-Verse Costume! from r/SpidermanPS4

To be honest, that big white spider would look good on just about anything you put it on. That said, its creations like this that have me yearning for a suit creator in the sequel that lets players create their own suits.

"Don't get me wrong, there's nothing that's going to top rocking the Raimi suit or any of the other classic suits Insomniac chooses to add, but at the same time, I never completely fell in love with any of the options," reads a snippet from my case for suit creator from earlier this year. "One of the great things Insomniac Games does is really make you feel like you're Spider-Man while you swing around Manhattan and in-between New York skyscrapers. So, why not let me create my own suit like Spider-Man can and often does? That's not to say there shouldn't be pre-made suits in the game. Those should certainly be in there as well, but wouldn't it be neat to also have the option to create your own, from the finer design touches to its colors?"

Marvel's Spider-Man is available for PS4.