'Marvel’s Spider-Man' Players Are Getting Really Sick of Screwball

In Marvel's Spider-Man, one of the guest villain appearances is Screwball, who shows up for a [...]

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In Marvel's Spider-Man, one of the guest villain appearances is Screwball, who shows up for a brief cameo via a side-mission that ends by teasing her return. And returns she does.

If you haven't played either of the game's first two DLCs: Screwball is featured in both. This time, you don't actually get a cutscene with the villain, just more of her missions, her screaming in your ear, and more PHOTOBOMB.

In the game's first DLC, The Heist, her missions are rather tedious, and become long in the tooth pretty quick. Plus, they don't feel rewarding. And when you consider they're a much bigger part of the DLC than the base game, the experience should feel more rewarding than it does in the base game, but it doesn't. It feels less.

And then in the game's second DLC, Turf Wars, there's more Screwball. More tedious missions. And more PHOTOBOMB.

Insomniac Games have nailed the character: who's an annoying and hyperbolic take on a certain part of social media culture. But they nailed her so well, that she quickly starts to annoy the player. But this wouldn't be bad if you engaged with Screwball in interesting ways, but that's not the case. It's just the aforementioned mundane missions.

That said, some Marvel's Spider-Man players are starting to get real tired of the character and her missions. Since the release of Turf Wars this week, the game's official Reddit page has been dominated by three things: Photo Mode (of course), gushing over the Iron Spider Armor, and people posting and commenting about their disdain for Screwball or her missions or both.

Screwball sucks from r/SpidermanPS4
The writer who writes Screwballs's lines: from r/SpidermanPS4
MRW I hear Screwball say anything from r/SpidermanPS4
FUCKING SCREWBALL!!!! from r/SpidermanPS4
Screwball can photobomb herself off a cliff from r/SpidermanPS4

In the base game, I quite liked Screwball. She was a nice change of pace, even if she's designed to be unpleasant. But she's been over used so far in the DLC, and the lackluster to annoying missions that come along with her haven't helped her case.

That said, I'd still wouldn't mind seeing her in the future, but maybe not for a game or two. I've had my fix of Screwball.

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