Hyper Detailed Look At 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Webbing Is Mesmerizing

Sure, Marvel's Spider-Man boasts a story as good as any Marvel movie, gameplay that transports you into Spidey's suit itself, a robust roster of villains, and a stunning recreation of Manhattan, but it's the details in the PlayStation 4 exclusive that make the game one of the most impressive this generation.

For example, the entire city is visible in the goggles of the black Noir Suit. And then there is the detail on the webbing Spidey shoots at bad guys and skyscrapers as he swings from them. It would have been incredibly easy for Insomniac Games to have skipped out on adding the same level of detail to the game's webbing. After all, most players would never see it up close. But it didn't.

(Photo: Reddit via ItsOnlyMonte)

As you can see, even as something as tiny as webbing comes packing its own intricate detailing. This is just another example of Insomniac Games' adding crazy detail to the game, and is another testament to the work and passion it clearly poured into the developent of the PS4 title.

But why did it spend time detailing something that most players would never see, and thus appreciate? Well, for one, it obviously cares. But two may be because of the game's photo mode. Perhaps Insomniac Games knew players would capture a ton of webbing shots via the game's photography feature, and thus wanted to sure it didn't stick out or look crummy due to a lack of detail.

However, when you consider that Insomniac Games has said in the past that it had no clue photo mode would take off the way it did, perhaps the reason leans more into they just cared that much, and wanted to be THAT thorough.

Whatever the case may be, we're grateful it took its time meticulously detailing virtually every aspect of the game. Whether it's the incredible detail of the suits, or stuff like this, it all goes a long way in selling the experience, and making exploring the game so darn fun.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. For more news, information, and media on the game, as well as all things Spider-Man, click here.


Source: Reddit