Mass Effect 4 Possibly Hinted at in New BioWare Job Listing

An intriguing new BioWare job listing has surfaced, and it appears like it may be pointing to Mass Effect 4, or at least a new installment in the beloved sci-fi RPG series. More specifically, BioWare has posted a new job listing seeking a technical art director to join its studio up in Edmonton, Canada, and in this listing BioWare mentions the applicant will work on BioWare's "most prestigious franchises," which seems to suggest that they will be working on either a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4. However, if it was the latter, then the game would presumably just be named in the listing since Dragon Age 4 has already been announced. Yet again, it says "franchises."

"You will be the most senior engineering lead on the next major title in one of BioWare's most prestigious franchises, and a contributing leader to BioWare studio strategy," reads the listing. "You will partner with the other disciplines to build the technology and the programming team to deliver amazing player experiences."

Again, if that doesn't scream new Mass Effect, I'm not sure what does. However, some have suggested that while it's probably a listing for Mass Effect, it could be for a remaster or remake of the Mass Effect trilogy. That said, I can't see EA ordering a remake of the series given that it's not even multiple generations old. Meanwhile, I would expect a remastered trilogy to be shipped out to an external studio.

It's also possible this could be a reference to Anthem, but Anthem surely doesn't qualify as "prestigious." Not only is it new, but almost nobody likes it.

Alas, as the old folk say, only time will tell. That said, I think it's fairly obvious BioWare will return to the Mass Effect franchise. Andromeda damaged the brand, but it didn't kill it. That said, the better question is: will it return as the RPG series we all love or will EA get its hands all over it and EA it up?


Anyway, as always, feel free to drop a comment or two with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Would you like to see Mass Effect return? If so, what do you want to see from it?