Mass Effect Fan Gives PS5 the Perfect N7 Makeover

The PS5 is only nine days old, yet PlayStation players are already doing some really cool and impressive things with the next-gen machine from Sony. Since the PS5 released, players have been taking the sterile and futuristic two-color, black-and-white machine and giving it a makeover. And in many cases, these makeovers are themed, like the one below, which was created by a Mass Effect fan and gives the PS5 a perfect N7 makeover.

Taking to Reddit, user "Thirteenera," revealed the first thing they did when they got their hands on the console didn't involve messing around with the new UI or playing its new games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon's Souls, but rather they spent their first day with the console "mask-taping and airbrushing it." The result is a clean N7 design that looks like something you'd see officially merchandised by BioWare and EA.

Below, you can check out the console for yourself. The Reddit user doesn't reveal the finer details on how they created the design or how precisely long it took, but as you can see, the end product is impressive and perfect for any big Mass Effect fan.

(Photo: Reddit)

At the moment of publishing, the PS5 is only available in one standard design, and right now PlayStation hasn't announced any additional designs or color schemes, however, it has hinted at this happening eventually. And of course, it's only a matter of time before third-parties flood the market with their own faceplates. And the same goes for the controller. Unlike the Xbox Series X controller, which is currently available in three forms, there's only one variant of DualSense controller available, and it's one the pictured above.

The PS5 is available, worldwide, for $40, if you don't mind a console without a disc-drive. If you'd like a disc-drive with your console, then you will need to fork over an additional $100.


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