PS5 Players Discover Unusual Issue With DualSense Controller

PS5 players have discovered an unusual issue with the DualSense controller. Since the release of the PS5 last week, one of the biggest talking points of the next-gen machine is its impressive and premium controller, the DualSense, which comes packing haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and other improvements that set it apart from the PS4's DualShock 4 controller. However, it also has some issues, including an issue involving the "Sony" branding on it.

If the "Sony" branding on your PS5 controller looks off-center, you're not alone. PlayStation 5 owners have started to notice the Sony branding isn't quite where it should be. This doesn't seem to be a prevalent issue, and in some cases, it's less than a 1mm off, but in other cases, it's very noticeably off.

Taking to Twitter, Red Timmins -- a designer on the upcoming Far Cry 6 -- provided an example of this unusual mistake. Thankfully for Timmins, it's just barely off-center, unlike some other controllers.

Of course, for most this is a non-issue, not only because it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, but because most users probably won't even notice if their controller does have this mistake. However, for those with OCD, like myself, it's a pretty maddening mistake.

At the moment of publishing, Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn't commented on this issue, and thus, for now, it remains unclear what caused this problem and whether it will be an issue going forward. In fact, it's currently unclear if PlayStation is even aware of the issue.


The PS5 is available for $400 to $500, depending on if you want your next-gen PlayStation console to come with a disc-drive or not. Meanwhile, the DualSense controller runs at $70, $10 more than the PS4 DualShock 4.

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