Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator Shows Flip Side Of RPGs

Have you ever been making your way through an RPG such as Skyrim or The Witcher 3 and found [...]

(Photo: Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator via Steam Greenlight)

Have you ever been making your way through an RPG such as Skyrim or The Witcher 3 and found yourself perusing through a shopkeeper's wares and overhear him or her talking about some menial task that they have to do later on? Do they actually leave the storefront to take on their own issues, or do they just go to sleep and come back to the store in hopes that you'll come back and buy more weapons?

In Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator, an upcoming game that was posted on Steam Greenlight on Saturday, you can finally answer these questions and many more as you take on the role of a pixelated merchant and attempt to become the best supplier of goods the realm has to offer.

You'll start out small as you'd expect to in most RPGs, but with some business know-how and marketing expertise, it won't take long before you've got a monopoly on all of those sweet potions and elixirs that every adventurer is clamoring for. Beginning with just a few measly coins to your name, you can eventually look to hire other workers to help you run your shop while you purchase goods to resell from traveling merchants and even craft your own unique goods.

But sitting behind your wares and simply waiting for potential buyers to come visit would leave you just as stale as the merchants you visit in most RPGs. If you do find yourself growing tired of leaning on your counter, you can lock up and head outside to experience the wonderfully simple 2D pixel art and simplistic polygons that the surrounding world has to offer. There's loot to be found, secret locations to explore, and people to interact with out there in the big open world.

Interacting with the other NPCs in the game is also critical to advancing your status from trinket peddler to outfitter of royalty. Growing your reputation is just as important as amassing more supplies to sell, but just like any well-rounded RPG experience, there are good and bad decisions to be made, and not everybody has your best interest in mind.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is being made by the indie developer Breakfast Studio that's located in Spain. It seems that they've got a sense of humor that will alo hopefully find its way into the final version of the game.

"God can give Blessings! Why not?" a description from the game's Kickstarter page reads while describing how to achieve additional help in-game. "If you pray, donate to the church and help the most needy, God will behave well with you."

Why not, indeed? Surely a blessing from God can help an aspiring shopkeeper on his path to greatness.

Games on Kickstarter can take some time, but this one has a surprisingly soon projected release date for October of this year. The current Kickstarter for the game says that it's been canceled, but we reached out to Breakfast Studios who confirmed that a proper Kickstarter page will be posted soon. More updates will likely come via the Breakfast Studios Twitter account.