Capcom Could Be Making A Mega Man Announcement In December

Even though we haven’t seen a new game in his franchise in years, the Mega Man series has [...]


Even though we haven't seen a new game in his franchise in years, the Mega Man series has continued to get attention from Capcom over the past few years. Back in 2016, the company released Mega Man Legacy Collection, paying tribute to his 8-bit NES days. Then earlier this year, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 arrived, continuing to showcase the legacy of the Blue Bomber.

So what's next? We may find out sooner rather than later. During this past weekend's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom held a special Mega Man event to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and apparently that's just the beginning.

While the event was taking place, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, who served as the producer of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, noted that the company still has the hero fresh in its minds, and has something big planned for the months ahead.

"I want to say that Capcom has not forgotten about Rockman. This (30th anniversary logo) here is being put to good use. Rockman's 30th anniversary is coming in December – December, please remember that date!

"On behalf of Ucchy and everyone here, we are looking forward to it very much and hope you are as well. We are deeply pleased to be able to share this with all the fans who have made this possible. Thank you for all of your support, up til now, and in the future."

So something is happening this December. But the question is what? A new game wouldn't entirely be out of the question, despite the fact that Keiji Inafune, the creator of the Mega Man series, is no longer with Capcom. After all, Inti Creates made Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, and both of those games turned out great.

But there's also the possibility of a new classic collection – Mega Man X Collection. Initially released on the GameCube and PlayStation 2 years ago, this was a celebration of the "new" adventures of the hero, and considering that X is included in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it would make sense to see his older adventures again – even though they aren't quite part of the original Mega Man lexicon from the 80's.

PlayStation Experience takes place during December, so there's a good possibility that whatever Capcom has in mind for Rockman will be disclosed there, or maybe even at the Game Awards, also taking place in a couple of months. Remember, Capcom revealed Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite last year at the event, to much fanfare. So we'll have to see what's coming up…

Whatever the case, we just want more Mega Man. Especially that X Collection