Mercenaries Saga Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch

(Photo: Circle Entertainment)

Yet another RPG is making its way from 3DS to Switch, wrapped up in a collection packed with fantasy story lines and perfectly retro gameplay. Mercenaries Saga, a tactical RPG available on mobile and 3DS, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Circle Entertainment announced today via social media that all three games in the series will be available, one of which is a first-time release for players on the Western shores.

The Mercenaries Saga Collection (or Mercenary Saga, depending on where you're ordering it from) will bring the very first title of the franchise to U.S. audiences for the first time ever. All three installments of the game will be available on Switch some time in the future, but any other details remain unknown. This will also be the first time that the first game in the series will be available on a Nintendo platform, so while the details are a little vague, it's still pretty cool news.

Mercenaries Saga was developed by Ridion Inc, and published by Circle. The second and third installments of the game first made their way on to 3DS in 2015, and with classic-style games like it doing so well this year on Switch, the move seems to make plenty of sense. Players can likely expect a graphics upgrade and a few adjustments, but news on the additions to the game, if there are any at all, has not yet been made.

You can pick up Mercenaries Saga 2 & 3 on Android and iOS now, or wait until likely later on in 2018 (but not very long, if the tweet is to be believed) to pick up the collection for a yet-to-be-announced price.