Meta Quests No Longer Require Facebook Accounts

Meta Quest 2 users no longer require Facebook accounts to login to their devices as of this week, the Meta Quest team announced recently. Now, you can create an entirely new account aptly called a "Meta account" which can be tied to just an email address similar to logins for any other kind of platform. You'll have to provide a bit more personal information as well if you choose to login that way, but it's far less than what you'd be offering up by linking your Facebook or Instagram account to your Meta Quest device.

Facebook announced the plans to implement this change last year, and after it was later announced that the platform's parent company would be changing its name to "Meta," Meta confirmed that the login shift would take place in August. This week, that change was finalized with those owning Meta VR devices now able to set up a separate login instead of logging in with a social account.

"If you're new to Meta VR devices, you can create a Meta account using an email address, Facebook account, or Instagram account," Meta said while laying out the revised options for new users. "When you first put on your headset, you'll get a code that you can use to pair your headset with the Oculus mobile app (available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store). From there, you can continue with Facebook or Instagram or use your email address to create a Meta account."

For those who currently use a Facebook account to login to the Meta Quest 2, you'll be prompted when using it to visit a website so that you can set up a Meta account and a Meta Horizon profile. You'll have to login with your Facebook account one time there to ensure Meta can verify the apps and other programs you have within your account, but after doing so, you'll see all of your stuff moved over to your new Meta Horizon profile. At that point, you'll have totally separate accounts.

There's an "Accounts Center" option within the menus of the Meta Quest devices that'll allow people to reconnect their various social experiences should you ever decide to go back to integrating Meta Horizon, Facebook, and Instagram together. For the holdouts who've still been using Oculus logins, you'll be able to keep doing so until January 1, 2023, at which point you'll be asked to create the Meta logins described previously.