Notable Metal Gear Solid 2 Twitter Account Was Fan-Made to Celebrate the Game's Anniversary

A Twitter account that some believed contained teases from Konami about a future Metal Gear Solid installment was today revealed to simply be created by a fan as a way of celebrating the second entry in the series. The creator of Tom Olsen, which is a Twitter page that has been retelling the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty from the perspective of a fictional character within the world, broke down in greater detail what it has been like to watch the world react to these tweets over the past month.

In the video above, the creator explained that this Tom Olsen account was at first created as a way to honor MGS2 during what is the game's 20th anniversary. However, the creator then said that the account took off more than they expected and led to a deluge of rumors about an impending announcement coming from Konami. Despite insisting directly that the account wasn't associated with Konami, some still believed that a reveal of sorts would be happening at the end of all of this. Instead, the person who made this Twitter account said that the situation very much ended up reflecting one of the main themes of Metal Gear Solid 2 which deals with the spread of false information in the digital age.

As for the tweets from the actual account, they've been remarkable to watch unfold. Over the past day, in particular, almost the entirety of Metal Gear Solid 2 has been recounted from the perspective of this Tom Olsen character. The saga came to a conclusion this morning on April 30, which is actually the same day in-game where Metal Gear Solid 2 comes to an end.

Even though some might be disappointed that this didn't result in something official from Konami--Metal Gear fans are specifically hungry for new information on the series at this point--this is without a doubt one of the best fan projects that I have seen in quite some time. If you somehow haven't been staying in the loop through this whole saga, I implore you to go check out all of the account's tweets from the past month. Assuming that you like Metal Gear, I imagine that you'll find it to be quite enjoyable.