Konami Reveals New Metal Gear Survive Details

A new fact sheet from Konami revealed more details about the upcoming Metal Gear Survive including [...]

Metal Gear Survive

A new fact sheet from Konami revealed more details about the upcoming Metal Gear Survive including the game's playable modes as well as the name of the secretive government organization that the game revolves around.

Metal Gear Survive puts players in control of a Mother Base soldier who was almost sucked into a massive wormhole that opened up above the Mother Base. After losing consciousness and waking up six months later, the soldier finds himself inside a Wardenclyffe Section facility, the secret organization that's part of the U.S. government. His task that's given to him by a man named Goodluck is to go on a rescue mission to find those that were pulled into the wormhole with Goodluck warning the soldier that the protagonist has already been infected with a "lifeform" and has no choice in the mission.

Aside from the details about the game's story, the fact sheet from Konami also detailed other features and mechanics such as managing resources and building up your base to survive the harsh, otherworldly conditions. Two different modes of play are also offered to allow players to take on the game by themselves or with help.

All the new details on the game can be seen below, and look for Metal Gear Survive next month when it launches on Feb. 20.

  • Two modes of play – single player and co-op. Character experience, skills and items obtained are shared between the two modes.
  • Build and develop your Base Camp. This offers access to crafting weapons and gear, and serves as a command center for planning missions in both single player and co-op modes.
  • Gather resources, blueprints and raw materials for use in crafting. These can be gathered in single player mode by exploring the environment or won in successful co-op missions.
  • Develop Base Camp with new facilities to aid survival, including crop growing, animal rearing, and food and water storage. As your camp develops you'll gain access to high grade crafting items.
  • Manage resources, including essentials such as food and water, as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables.
  • Complete daily, weekly and special event Orders for rewarding materials and blueprints to be used in single player and co-op.