Metal Gear Survive Is Always Online, Has Confirmed Microtransactions

Konami recently confirmed several Metal Gear Survive details and said that yes, the game is always [...]


Konami recently confirmed several Metal Gear Survive details and said that yes, the game is always online.

Back in October when the game's site went live and preorders were close to becoming available, some prospective buyers noticed that that product description of the game that listed the supported number of players and other details noted that an Internet connection would be required. While that's not too much of a dealbreaker for many gamers who have Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, the requirement of having an Internet connection can be a sore point for those who prefer to have the freedom of gaming offline when they choose to do so.

As reported by GameSpot during a preview session with Metal Gear Survive, Konami verified that the game would indeed need a constant online connection in order to play it, even if you're playing it by yourself. The reasoning behind this, according to Konami, is so that players can have a "seamless" transition from single-player to multiplayer whenever players choose to swap over. Another supposed benefit of this requirement is that Konami will be able to continuously offer post-launch content.

Outside of the online requirement, it was also confirmed by GameSpot that the game would have microtransactions by way of virtual currency. You can earn this in-game money by yourself through built-in actions and accomplishments that don't involve spending real money, but you can fatten your Metal Gear Survive wallet with real cash if you choose to do so. "Premium Boost Passes" that allow players to accrue resources faster and similarly speed up other events are just one of the items in the game's store that were listed, and other options like "Support Defender" seem to indicate a more tangible item in the form of some extra backup when defending your base.

For those looking to try out Metal Gear Survive before it launches later next month, you'll have the chance to do so this weekend when the game's open beta begins. The beta is scheduled to begin tomorrow on Jan. 18 and will run until Jan. 22, and Konami recently shared some additional details and tips for the beta to help you get started.