'Metro' Creator Issues Video Response Regarding 'Metro Exodus' Epic Games vs. Steam Backlash

Earlier this month, we released a story that the original series creator Dmitri Glukhovsky had some less than kind words to say about the decision to pull Metro Exodus from Steam libraries and over into the new Epic Games store. It seems that the original intent was lost in translation, and a different side of his opinion serviced seemingly pointing at his displeasure with Steam, not Epic. With all of the "he said, she said" going on, Glukhovsky is leaving nothing left to to debate and is addressing the controversy head on with a new video.

The creator took to Instagram to officially give his statement on the Epic Games exclusivity. For those that may not know, he's the creator of the Metro franchise and the author of the books. He's also currently working on Metro Exodus as a writer.

In the video, he thanks 4A for their work with bringing his stories to a "different medium" in video games. He called the efforts "truly outstanding" and says that he's "very sorry" that so many are receiving the news of the Epic Games scoop poorly, mentioning that he understands why many feel "fooled" by the decision to move from Steam but that he "trusts" the publishers to respond correctly.

"We are all very sorry that you're hurt," he continued. "We just hope that you will not betray us just as we will remain loyal to you." He also uploaded the same video in his native Russian language for all fans of his to take in.

As mentioned in our previous coverage, the Metro Exodus community was divided when the team over at Deep Silver suddenly swapped the title's availability from Steam over to the newly revealed Epic Games store. Some didn't feel affected at all, while others straight up review bombed the former Steam listing.


Despite the mixed reactions, we have shared in the past how the Epic Games online store gives back to gamers and developers alike. With incredible revenue splits and a rapidly growing library, the "new kid on the block" in the PC arena does seem to have gamers' best interests at heart.

As for Metro Exodus, the new adventure begins for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players on February 15th.