Nintendo Insider Shares Update on New Metroid Prime Switch Game

A notable Nintendo insider has shared a new update in relation to a long-awaited Metroid game on [...]

A notable Nintendo insider has shared a new update in relation to a long-awaited Metroid game on Switch. Specifically, the game in question is Metroid Prime Trilogy, which is a collection of all three Metroid Prime titles that previously released on the Nintendo Wii. And while this trilogy has been rumored to come to Switch for quite some time, it still sounds like its arrival on the platform will be coming to fruition at one point or another.

According to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, who is an often accurate leaker and reported in the video game industry, Metroid Prime Trilogy is still very much in the works for Nintendo Switch and will be released down the road. During a recent episode of Grubb's talk show entitled GrubbSnax, he commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy and said that Nintendo has actually already finished its work on the collection and is merely holding onto it to release at a time that it deems appropriate. "The game's done and Nintendo is holding it," Grubb said during the broadcast.

As for the reason why Grubb believes that Nintendo has opted to not release Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch just yet, he thinks that the publisher could want to let it loose closer to the arrival of Metroid Prime 4. The fourth installment in the long-running series was revealed all the way back in 2017, but Nintendo announced in 2019 that its development had been rebooted entirely. As such, it might still take quite a long time until it actually releases.

In the interim, though, Nintendo is still focusing on the Metroid series, just in a different capacity. Metroid Dread was actually revealed by Nintendo just last month at E3 2021 and serves as the fifth mainline entry in the original Metroid saga. The game is poised to launch in October of this year, which means that the prospect of Metroid Prime Trilogy releasing at any point in 2021 seems quite slim. Still, for those who have been hoping to see this remastered collection eventually come to Switch, it sounds like you shouldn't lose hope just yet.

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