Rumor: Microsoft Working On New Version Of Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft has released some notable accessories over the years, but perhaps none have been better [...]

Xbox One Elite 2

Microsoft has released some notable accessories over the years, but perhaps none have been better received by fans than the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller. Released back in 2015, the controller has a pretty hefty cost, clocking in at $149. However, a lot of players have noted that it's worth the money, with a nice, meaty feel, not to mention a number of items that can be accessorized, like the awesome D-pad.

It appears that Microsoft has been so pleased with the first model that they're going back to improve upon it. A Chinese website by the name of Baidu has reported that Microsoft is hard at work on a second version of the Elite controller, complete with a number of touch-ups.

These include a new USB-C port for charging, as well as Bluetooth support for Windows 10, Hair Trigger locks that now have three different levels, a longer key travel for paddles, and a three-profile switch, making it easier to accustom to certain player styles, should there be multiple people enjoying the Xbox in the house. It also appears to be chargable inside a carrying case, making it ideal for taking your controller to a friend's house and being ready for it to go in a game.

Xbox One Elite

There also appears to be improvement going into the thumbsticks, with adjustable tension mechanisms for better overall feel. This makes sense, since Microsoft previously filed a patent for an adjustable lock design for its controllers, though it didn't note whether it would be a general improvement for them at the time.

The image above also shows what appears to be three LED bars, indicating that players could now have a better idea of the battery life in their controllers, so they know when they need to replace them. Previously, the only way you could see how much battery life was in a controller was by looking in certain menus on the console itself.

Some additional details have also appeared on Reddit, indicating that Microsoft is also redoing the grips. It's recently improved upon these with models of their controllers over the past year, but now it looks to be making the grips last longer than ever before. Some fans had previously complained about faulty grips with the original Elite controller, so it appears Microsoft is listening.

Microsoft hasn't had anything official to say about the controller, but it's possible that it could be announcing the Elite 2.0 at this year's pre-E3 press conference. We'll keep you informed if we hear anything about what it has planned.