Microsoft's Project xCloud Gets 3 Major New Additions

Microsoft's Project xCloud could very well hint at the future of gaming. While Google Stadia stumbled out of the gate when it comes to game streaming, Microsoft's Project xCloud is looking more and more like a promising alternative. Project xCloud is only in the beta stages at this time, but it already has a fairly impressive library, boasting titles like Gears 5, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Vampyr, and more. Today, the company announced three big new additions to the service: Destiny 2, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. With more than 50 games currently available, it would seem that Microsoft will be in a promising position when the service receives a full release!

With Xbox Series X set to release later this year, it will be interesting to see how big a role Project xCloud plays for the system. After all, with Microsoft revealing that exclusive games won't be available for the system for some time, it would be invaluable for the company to make a number of games available at the start. Project xCloud could do just that, especially if Microsoft continues to add major games like Destiny 2.

It's clear that Microsoft sees game streaming as an important part in the future of the video game industry, but gamers still seem hesitant to embrace a future where physical releases might be replaced by streaming services. While DVD and Blu-ray releases still exist in an era where video streaming services are prominent, there are many fans cautious about a future where physical media has been phased out entirely. That just might be the reason Google Stadia has failed to truly connect with audiences.


At the moment, the Project xCloud service is available by invitation only. Interested candidates can check out Microsoft's list of requirements and register for eligibility. To be eligible, players must have an Android device version 6.0 or greater as well as Bluetooth version 4.0+. They also must have a Bluetooth compatible Xbox controller, 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection 10Mbps down and they must download the Xbox Game Streaming App.

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