Microsoft Announces New Xbox Hardware for Mobile Gaming

Microsoft is making moves to bolster its Project xCloud gaming service by releasing some official accessories to set its users up with a better Xbox-to-mobile experience. The company announced on Thursday that it's planning to expand its "Designed for Xbox" line of products to mobile gaming as well which means that we'll soon see more accessories designed to help migrate the Xbox experience to mobile platforms. Several third-party companies are already in talks with Microsoft to release these types of products, and one of the accessories has already been revealed.

The announcement of the mobile gaming accessories was shared in a post on the Xbox Wire where Microsoft previewed its plans for its Project xCloud hardware. A range of products that'll be worked on was given along with a list of companies that are already being talked to. Those who buy either third-party hardware or official, licensed products from companies will recognize names like 8bitDo and Hori among others.

"Well, soon there will be a wide array of Xbox-branded partner devices that are focused on mobile gaming – think controller clips, mobile-first controllers, and other hardware optimized for phones and tablets," Microsoft's post said. "We are working on a roadmap of products with experienced partners and are currently in talks with 8bitDo, Gamevice, HORI, PowerA, Razer, and more, to explore creating the best possible hardware experiences for Project xCloud."

The first of these products can be seen in the tweet below. It's called the "MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip" and it's designed to be used with Xbox One controllers. While using the Project xCloud technology to play games on-the-go through your mobile devices, you'll be able to connect your device right to the top of your controller using this clip. It's a similar device to others that mobile gamers use when playing a mobile game with a controller, but this one's been designed specifically for Xbox devices. The MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip is currently planned for a November release and is up for pre-order now for $14.99.

Though they're designed with Xbox games in mind, these devices could be used for more than just Microsoft's catalog. Many Apple Arcade games have controller support and are played on mobile devices as well, so being able to strap your phone comfortably onto your Xbox One controller means that you'll be able to use these types of Xbox products for a variety of games.


Microsoft said it'll be unveiling more of its mobile gaming products in the future.

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