Prices For Microsoft’s Discontinued Xbox One Kinect Adapter Skyrocket On eBay

Xbox One kinect Adapter

Earlier today, we reported on the news that Microsoft was discontinuing its Xbox One adapter for the Kinect motion-reading accessory, meaning that those that were looking to use it for PC, Xbox One X and Xbox One S were out of luck, save for buying it from a third-hand store like Amazon or eBay.

And, apparently, some people have taken that route, as eBay listings for the adapter have begun popping up, with sellers letting them go for top dollar – even higher than you might expect.

These eBay listings vary, but it appears that the adapter is selling well into the triple digits, with some going for anywhere from $150 on up. A few have even managed to clear over $200, including the Kinect sensor with the adapter, so everyone can get everything at once.

Several recent listings for the adapter have shown an even higher price, going as high as $250 and above – and something tells us that the price will become even greater as the year continues on, and quantities dwindle from official Microsoft stores (if they haven't already).

The Kinect does offer its fair share of compatible games, mostly from the earlier days of the Xbox One's console release (including Fantasia and Fruit Ninja Kinect), but Microsoft has been focusing more on core gameplay experiences, and less on motion gimmicks – thus why it was discontinuing the adapter, which was originally given out for free to new Xbox One S owners.


So if you don't have it yet, you might want to jump quickly – because the price is just going to balloon from here.

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