Midnight Club Reboot Reportedly Leaked

This morning we woke up to a torrent of evidence from this Reddit thread, and the evidence all [...]

midnight club 2

This morning we woke up to a torrent of evidence from this Reddit thread, and the evidence all points to a remaster or reboot of one of our favorite racing games of all time: Midnight Club. So here's the basic rundown. A few images apparently leaked from Xbox Live's website that show Rockstar's Midnight Club. At first everyone was suspecting a remaster of the original, but a poster in the thread pointed out that in one of the screenshots (seen below), you can see "Nissan." The original game did not contain licensed cars, so some are suspecting that this is a reboot instead.

midnight club 1

Keep in mind before you get too excited that this is all still a rumor at this point. If you peeked into the Reddit thread then you'll see that the majority of links used as evidence have now been killed and are no longer valid. This, of course, could have done because the links were legitimately showing something that Rockstar and Xbox weren't ready for us to see, but they could also be part of an elaborate hoax. We don't like wearing tinfoil hats, but you can never be too careful.

There is one link, posted at the bottom of the OP that links to the Midnight Club icon, and that link is still live if you'd like to check it out. Spoiler: it's just a much smaller version of the header image we used at the top of the article.

The leak has everyone talking, but no one else has come forward with any additional or damning evidence to confirm our hopes. Until that happens, I suggest you remain calm. We'd all love to see the return of Midnight Club, but we also know that Rockstar is very happily focusing on squeezing Grand Theft Auto Online for every dime it's worth -- and it's still got a lot of life left in it.

Stay tuned for more info.

(via Wario64)