Milla Jovovich's 'Monster Hunter' Movie Character Revealed

With the production of the Paul W.S. Anderson film in full swing, we've been seeing some peeks behind the scenes of the adaptation of Monster Hunter, including a shot of star Milla Jovovich in makeup, as well as a look at Diego Boneta's character. But now we've got a glimpse of just what kind of badass Jovovich is set to play when she goes against the worst of the monsters.


Over on Instagram, Jovovich posted a look at her character, Captain Artemis, who apparently looks good even after going a few rounds with a beast much larger than her. Her battle outfit looks pretty good, though some may argue it's a little more futuristic than the usual Monster Hunter garb.

You can see the Instagram post below, but Jovovich notes, "Just a little peek for all the @monsterhunterworld fans out there who were worried the other day. (wink face) Here is Captain Artemis wearing a 'slinger' on her arm. I will also post a pic at some point of some of the incredible MH weapons we've recreated for the film." #Monsterhuntermovie #Monsterhunterworld #tankwadiary"

Some fans are still questioning the nature of the film, but keep in mind that Anderson is a seasoned veteran who has worked on video game-based properties in the past, including the original Mortal Kombat film from the 90's, as well as the first Resident Evil, which featured Jovovich in the starring role as Alice. (She's married to Anderson, so the casting seems about perfect for both Evil and Hunter.) More than likely, we'll see some sweet battles and effects to come in the film, as it's still early days yet.


The Monster Hunter movie, which is still very early in production, doesn't have a release date yet. However, if you're yearning for some action from the franchise, you can check out Capcom's Monster Hunter World now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC; as well as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.