Minecraft Developer Donates $100K to Charity After Players Hit Goal

Minecraft developer Mojang has donated quite a bit of money to charity: water, an organization committed to ensuring people around the world have access to clean water. Mojang first committed to donating $10,000 to the cause but promised to up the amount to $100,000 assuming players could help them hit a goal centered around downloading a map and skin pack. It didn’t take long for players to fulfil their part of the deal, so Mojang is making good on the promise with the big donation.

Several days ago, Mojang shared a post on the Minecraft site that told players about the charity initiative and some new content called The Travelling Trader. Included in the DLC is a map and the skins shown in the trailer above, and it’s all available for free. All players had to do was download it, and if it was downloaded enough times, Mojang would donate ten times the initial amount to charity: water.

“Well, to answer both your questions, you actually get two llama skins, and as soon as The Travelling Trader has been downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace 100,000 times, we’ll make a new donation to charity: water of $90,000,” Mojang said while discussing what was in the DLC pack and how it pertains to the charity. “That’ll bring us to $100,000 donated, which means ten water projects supported by Minecraft!”

That post was shared on April 25th, and it took only one weekend for players to do their part. Mojang took to Twitter as promised to confirm the goal had been hit and that the developer would be donating $100,000 to the charity.

The Travelling Trader DLC is still available now within the Minecraft Marketplace if you still want to download it here.



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