Minecraft Adds New Egyptian Mythology Add-On Pack

Minecraft players now have a new Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up pack to download that adds all kinds [...]

Minecraft players now have a new Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up pack to download that adds all kinds of Egyptian-themed textures, new mobs, skins, and much more.

The optional Minecraft add-on was revealed earlier today by Mojang as it became available across all Minecraft platforms. Announcing the release of the add-on in a new post on the game's site, Mojang's Per Landin shared more on the add-on and what's made possible because of it.

"This mash-up pack lets you experience all the mythos and culture the civilisation was known for, thanks to a stylistically crafted texture pack," Landin said. "Journey through the mythic necropolis Valley of the Kings and explore long forgotten graves – all accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack fit for your adventures in the depths of the desert."

A new trailer was also released alongside the Minecraft Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up Pack that shows what's included in the small expansion.

"Will you survive the perils of the Pyramids? Journey through the Valley of the Kings, dodge deadly traps and explore the ancient tombs below!" the trailer description for the Egyptian pack said. "The fourth pack in the Mythology series, this Egyptian-themed Mash-up comes with textures fit for a Pharaoh, legendary mobs, a pantheon of skins and an epic soundtrack!"

The official announcement post on the Minecraft website also shares more images of the new Egyptian pack that shows all of the vibrant, mythological textures and objects that players will be able to interact with. Massive structures fit for the Egyptian gods that they're built for tower over other buildings and the rivers that surround the Egyptian cities. The more hazardous parts of the add-on pack include some pharaoh-skinned Creepers and some spooky-looking mummies along with other skins that redo the looks of various hostile mobs. Players can also outfit their own builders with skins that are straight out of Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs, citizens from Ancient Egypt decked out in gold and black outfits and lavish jewelry, and recreations of Egyptian gods such as Sobek are all outfits that are made possible in Minecraft's latest Egyptian pack.

The Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up pack is currently available in the respective stores for each version of the game and is priced at $5.99 for the whole pack and everything that's included.