'Minecraft' Player's 'Fortnite' Timelapse of Retail Row Is Incredibly Satisfying

A Minecraft player has transported Fortnite’s Retail Row into the blocky game buy building a [...]

A Minecraft player has transported Fortnite's Retail Row into the blocky game buy building a faithful recreation of that portion of the battle royale game's map.

The YouTuber by the name of SeanBits created the video above that's super satisfying to watch if you're a fan of dropping at Retail Row or if you just want to watch a relaxing timelapse where everything comes together. With some smooth editing and a foundation that's free of any extra objects or structures to detract from Retail Row, the video that's just over 5 minutes and 30 seconds shows how the entirety of Retail Row was created in Fortnite.

A map that appears in the top-right corner every now and then moves as different part of the battle royale map's areas are worked on, so Fortnite players who know the drop spot well can follow along there. SeanBits' narration also names off each of the buildings that are often called different things by players. His timelapse concludes about halfway through the video where he adds some cars and trees while coloring in parts of the terrain with different objects. After that, a peaceful walkthrough of Retail Row shows how it all came together and what it looks like during the night and day, rain or shine.

For any Minecraft player who's impressed by the creation and wanted to give it a go themselves, the Retail Row creator shared some information on the mods and packs he used in his game when creating part of the battle royale map. With the Replay Mod to capture the footage and the Better Foliage Mod to improve the foliage, the only other change was the BSL Shaders shader pack he used. He also answered ahead of any questions within the comments to say that the entire project took him around 7 hours to complete. The builder included a link to a free download for the creation within the video's description for anyone who doesn't feel like putting in the work themselves.

SeanBits has more videos like this in his channel where he created different parts of Fortnite's map and other recognizable structures in Minecraft. Many people who subscribed to his channel likely saw one of his creations shared months ago where he put Tilted Towers in Minecraft with a similar timelapse and said he planned on creating a series where he worked through different parts of Fortnite's map.