Minecraft Legends Shows Off Better Look at New Mobs

The new Minecraft spin-off Minecraft Legends has a couple of new enemies and friends for players to encounter as they command and fight hoards of mobs, and this week, we got a better look at some of those creatures. The Minecraft Legends preview offered a mix of concept designs to show off the early artwork that went into the creation of these mobs as well as some gameplay scenes that show what the finished (or at least near finished) products look like.

For those who've kept up with past Minecraft Legends reveals, you've probably already seen some or all of these new mobs in some capacity. A showcase aired previously revealed things like the "Pigmadillo" as well as some golem variants. This latest video seen below focuses more on the latter towards the end of the trailer.

"We wanted to design a ranged unit that kind of acted as a turret, and the animation department did such a great job about getting them personality because the plank golem kind of reminds me of a golden retriever a little bit," said Blackbird Interactive lead artist Lisha Leston. "He's just kind of like happy and scrappy and then the cobblestone golem, he was meant to be like a melee unit, so kind of up close and personal, kind of slow steady, they're like your workhorses. They'll get the job done."

"The grindstone golems, they're the disruptors, so they're going to come in and kind of knock back any enemy units, probably to make room for the range units to come in and help," said Courtney Latreille, a producer at Blackbird Interactive. "And the mossy golems are the support units. So they come in, they have kind of this like water effect that heals any of the allies or the hero if they're kind of in their area."

Of course, given that this is a Minecraft spin-off, you'll see some more familiar mobs here, too. Those include things like the everyday Zombies as well as Creepers, though even these mobs have some twists in Minecraft Legends be those the abilities they possess or their appearances.


Minecraft Legends is scheduled to release in 2023.