Minecraft Players Can Vote for One of These Three Mobs to Be Added to the Game

The next big Minecraft event called Minecraft Live is happening soon, and just as we’ve seen from past annual events, players will have a voice in what happens to the game next through a community vote. One of three different mobs – the Moobloom, Iceologer, or the Glow Squid – will be added to the game in the future based on what players vote for on October 3rd during Minecraft Live. Ahead of that event, we’ve gotten a preview of the three different creatures and the roles they’ll fill in Minecraft if they’re added.

We’ve seen mobs created in the past for players to vote on to be added to Minecraft, but this year, the mobs look a bit more familiar. Mojang’s been busy with other things like Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons since the last big event, and it’s those two games that the mobs come from. The Iceologer comes from Minecraft Dungeons while the Moobloom and Glow Squid both come from Minecraft Earth. The Iceologer is the only hostile mob of the three options, so there’s a good chance players will cast some votes for that one so they’ll have a new creature to do battle with.

A post on the Minecraft site went into more detail on those to introduce players to them. Each mob was also featured in its own video to show what they’d look like in-game should the creatures get enough votes to be added.

Only one of the mobs can win the community vote though, and we’ll have to wait to see which one wins. To vote, Minecraft players should tune into the show on October 3rd at 12 p.m. ET or should at least keep an eye on the Minecraft Twitter account to see when the poll goes live. The winner should be announced by the end of the day to confirm what will be added to the game next.

Other news expected to come from the Minecraft event includes more info on future game updates and other topics around the Minecraft franchise, so be sure to tune into Minecraft Live to see what happens.