Minecraft's Big MineCon Event Gets a New Name and a September Date

Minecraft's annual MineCon event is returning once again this year for another day of big reveals and community-led votes, but it's got a new name this time. The event which was formerly known as MineCon Earth is now known as MineCon Live, and it's described as "A live celebration of all things Minecraft." That's not too different from what past years have delivered, but considering how Mojang and Microsoft have some Minecraft spin-offs in the works, this year's event might be one to keep an eye on.

MineCon Live will take place on September 28th at 12 p.m. ET, according to an announcement from Microsoft and Mojang which can be seen through the game's MineCon Live landing page. You'll be able to watch it through the Minecraft site and will likely be able to stream it on other platforms like YouTube and Twitch considering how the site says it'll be viewable through "a bunch of streaming sites."

Some of the event's contents have already been detailed. There will be an option once again for people to submit ideas for panels, and the best submissions have a shot at becoming a real panel during the event. Like last year, Minecraft fans will also have a chance to vote on something that'll be added to the game. Instead of voting on a new mob this time, they'll be choosing which biome will be updated next.

Info on the game's next big update will also be shared as well as general Minecraft news, and it's the latter part of that teaser that could be interesting for those looking forward to the Minecraft spin-offs. During last year's MineCon event, Mojang announced Minecraft: Dungeon, a dungeon-crawling spin-off that's due out sometime in 2019. News on that game has been slim since then, though it's hard to imagine Mojang not capitalizing on the September event to show off more of it. Another new game called Minecraft Earth that looks to be inspired by Pokemon Go is also in the works, so we can expect that to hopefully be at the event as well.


MineCon Live is scheduled to take place on September 28th.