Minecraft Animated Series Coming to Netflix

Minecraft is finally getting a TV adaptation.

Minecraft is being adapted into an animated series that'll air on Netflix, the streaming platform announced this week. The show will introduce new characters beyond the likes of Steve and Alex which players have become accustomed to playing as over the years, and according to Netflix, it'll boast an original story presenting the world of Minecraft in a "new light." A release date has not yet been announced for Netflix's Minecraft series, but a teaser trailer for the show says that it's coming soon.

That teaser trailer can be seen below, though it's hard to discern any actual details from it since it's basically just Minecraft, but animated, with no new characters revealed yet. We see a Creeper creeping up to blast away the background in order to reveal an underground cave system brimming with lava until the teaser trailer confirms that this will indeed be an animated series.

It's also been confirmed that WildBrain will be working on this Minecraft adaptation for Netflix. WildBrain is the same studio that's worked on other Netflix projects in the past including the Sonic the Hedgehog series Sonic Prime as well as Ninjago: Dragons Rising.  No cast members have been announced for the Minecraft series, however, nor have any names at all been attached to it beyond WildBrain. A page has been set up on Netflix's site for the Minecraft show which'll presumably offer some more info as it's released, but the page isn't working at this time. 

Minecraft is already getting an adaptation other than the one that's been announced today. Minecraft is also being turned into a movie, and a live-action movie at that, though the director, Jason Hess, is very aware of how these blends of live-action and animation can turn out and is being conscious not to fall into the same trap with the Minecraft movie. Jason Momoa and Jack Black are both set to start in the Minecraft movie.

Netflix's announcement of this Minecraft series comes in the midst of Minecraft's 15th anniversary celebration that's so far given players free capes, sales on Minecraft and its spin-offs, and other incentives to hop back into the best-selling game of all time. The anniversary celebrations are ongoing, so expect more from the world of Minecraft in the near future while we wait on more news related to this animated series.