MLB The Show 21 Players Love Surprise Feature

MLB The Show 21 is out today in early access for those who purchased the game's Jackie Robinson Edition on PlayStation and Xbox. As such, players are just starting to sink their teeth into what this year's iteration of the game offers. And while sports games might get a bad reputation for just being the same old game every single year, it looks like MLB The Show 21 has added one small feature that many longtime fans are already receptive to.

This new feature in question involves home runs, of all things. In the past, whenever you would hit a home run in an MLB The Show game, if you wanted to give additional details on how far you in the ball and the exit velocity off of your bat, you would have to pause the game and go look at the information in the replay section. For online matches, this could sometimes be especially annoying since you would have to pause the game for your opponent. Luckily, Sony San Diego has added a very small quality of life improvement in MLB The Show 21 that now gives you these pieces of data when the actual home run is hit.

Homerun distance and EV are now shown without watching the replay from r/MLBTheShow

This might seem like an insignificant adjustment in the grand scheme of things, but many MLB The Show 21 players are already thrilled to see this coming about. A post on Reddit, which you can find above, was filled with responses from many players pleased to see that this had been added to this year's edition. One user described it as a "big W" while others said that its addition will now make it no longer seem like they're trolling an opponent online by pausing the game after a home run to watch the replay.

While MLB The Show 21 might be available already for some, the game is set to fully release next week on April 20. This year, the game is also releasing across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms. It will also be a day one addition to Xbox Game Pass next week as well.

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