MLB The Show 21 Server Issues Have Players Doing Drinking Games

MLB The Show 21 continues to deal with server troubles this week, which is continuing to annoy those who are trying to play the game in any capacity. Although developer Sony San Diego continues to push out new updates to hopefully improve the stability of the servers, they're still continuing to go down for a number of players periodically. Fortunately, it looks like some in the game's community are now beginning to try and have some fun in the midst of this situation.

Shared over on Reddit recently, one user by the name of u/djkhaledgreens suggested that all MLB The Show 21 players turn the server troubles into a drinking game. The game itself is quite simple and would have players taking a shot every time there are greeted with the "Network error" screen which pops up every time the servers go down or become disconnected from a user. As you might expect, many fans were immediately cautious of this idea because there's surely nothing good that could come from it. "Would be blacked out," said one user in response to the post. Another then chimed in and said that the blackout wouldn't be much different from the MLB games that happen in that person's living area. For those unaware of what this might mean, it's a reference to MLB's blackout restrictions that involving televising local games.

At this point in time, MLB The Show 21 has been available for nearly two weeks (if you count the early access period) and the servers still haven't gotten to a point of consistency just yet. As mentioned, though, Sony San Diego continues to provide routine updates to potentially make them more stable. In fact, a new patch just rolled out early this morning that should improve the user experience just a bit.

If you're looking to play MLB The Show 21 for yourself right now, the game is currently available to pick up on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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