MLB The Show 24 Update #13 Released With Patch Notes

Bug fixes and new content highlight the latest MLB The Show 24 patch.

The latest update for MLB The Show 24 has been released for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Now in the midst of Season 2, developer San Diego Studio has been making a vast number of changes to MLB The Show 24 in recent weeks to incorporate new content. As of today, this trend has continued once again with Update #13 for the game adding some new content for players to experience.  

Downloadable at this very moment, Update #13 for MLB The Show 24 isn't a vast one by any means. When it comes to new additions with this patch, San Diego Studio has brought the City Connect uniforms for the Los Angeles Dodgers into the game. This is in addition to Rickwood Field also now being added, which is the oldest pro ballpark in the United States. Rickwood Field's arrival is specifically coming about on the same day that a special series is set to kick off between the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants at the location. 

Other than these new arrivals, not much else has been done to MLB The Show 24 with Update #13. A couple of various issues across Custom Leagues and Diamond Dynasty have now been resolved, but no gameplay overhauls have been made with this patch. 

To learn more, you can find the full patch notes for this new MLB The Show 24 update attached down below. 

MLB The Show 24 Update #13 Patch Notes


  • Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect uniform has been added. 
  • The historic Rickwood Field is now available to play. 


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Wild Card selection to instantly close when attempting to re-select another card. 


  • The message board will now display the correct teams for game results.  


  • Added 10 new props in collaboration with the release of Rickwood Field. 


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an incorrect player model to display during the team select menu in Play Now. 
  • Various commentary bug fixes and improvements. 


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes in this update.