Monster Crown is Pokemon, But Darker And With More Focus on Breeding

Like the title says, Monster Crown is Pokemon, but darker, and with a deeper focus on monster [...]

Like the title says, Monster Crown is Pokemon, but darker, and with a deeper focus on monster breeding.

In development for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation Vita, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices by Ohio-based developer Studio Aurum, Monster Crown doesn't only look like a love letter to Pokemon and other 90's monster-taming games, but looks poised to evolve the tiring formula.

Development for the title began back in February 2016, and was birthed out of the developer's passion for 90s monster catching and taming games. The idea for it specifically merged from the concept of taking monsters you bond with on your adventure, and using them to create new monsters.

This is where the game's heavy crossbreeding element comes into play. In Monster Crown, the offspring of two monsters truly mixes together both parents in every way, forming a brand new species that is uniquely yours, and yours to name.

Your creations will have their own appearance, color, moves, typing, stats, all inherited from their parents. Thus, after a few generations, it will likely be impossible to tell what monsters you even started with. As the developer notes, a good breeder will find their creations in high demand by other battlers. Basically, your monsters are your legacy.

The following story description and features list is outlined:


20 years ago Crown Island was ruled by the sadistic, monstrous Philosopher Kings. Somewhere between man and beast they used dark magic to inflict suffering and exert their tyranny.

A group of young men and women rose up, overthrowing the Philosopher Kings for the people.

Now, a dangerous young woman named Beth threatens to revive the Kings and restore them to their thrones.

Travel across Crown Island with your Monster companions to put an end to the dark, underground plot and prevent the return of tyranny.

There comes a day in each hero's journey when they must choose who to side with. Will your decision make you a Savior? Or a dark Messiah?

Only time will tell.


  • 200+ Monsters to Collect

  • Countless Combinations to Breed

  • A Sprawling, Wild World

  • A Deep, Dark Story

  • A Pivotal Choice that Drastically Changes the Ending and Post-Game

  • Online Battling/Trading

Monster Crown is currently on Kickstarter, where it has already blown past its humble funding goal. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in helping further fund the development of project, or if you want to check out more media and information on the title.

If you do decide to back the title on the crowdfunding platform, you will immediately get access to a demo of the game on PC.

Monster Crown is poised to release on February, 2019.