Monster Hunter World Fansite Lets Seasoned Players Coach Newbies

Monster Hunter World is shaping up to be a complicated yet rewarding game with a difficulty level [...]

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Monster Hunter World is shaping up to be a complicated yet rewarding game with a difficulty level that's encouraging veterans of the series to bring fledgling players under their wings.

The Monster Hunter series has never been the easiest line of games to break into and master, but with how much attention the open world Monster Hunter World has received due to the hype from players and some clever advertising, tons of new players are about to start their monster-hunting career. They're finding that that's easier said than done, though, with the betas for the game resulting in questions of how to do this and that and how to kill the massive beasts players encounter.

But Adopt a Hunter is looking to make the learning process easier by pairing up these newbs with some of the series' more experienced players. The fansite was created solely for the purpose of letting veteran monster hunters impart their wisdom to newcomers by sticking players together based on their declared skill levels. By signing up as either a veteran or a novice, players will be paired with someone from the other group to take on the hunts together until the new players are content to go out on their own, perhaps even shifting to the veteran department to pass on what they've learned.

The FAQ for the site mentions that players of all backgrounds are welcome to join regardless of your preferred platform, native language, or location. Enough multi-lingual veteran players are available to accommodate plenty of different situations, and players are even encouraged to pair up with other novice-veteran groups themselves in order to max out the four-person hunting group that Monster Hunter World allows. Much of the communication about assigned pairings and other details will be conducted through Discord, and even if you don't plan on buying World, the site says you're still more than welcome to hop on the Discord and share your Monster Hunter wisdom with other players who need help.

Monster Hunter World is scheduled to release on Jan. 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PC version coming later this fall.