Monster Hunter: World Getting New Open Beta On PlayStation 4, First Details

Even though Capcom is prepping the full game for release later this month, it looks like [...]

Monster Hunter World

Even though Capcom is prepping the full game for release later this month, it looks like PlayStation 4 owners will get one more crack at testing out Monster Hunter: World before it arrives.

Capcom has noted that one more open beta is being scheduled for later this month, exclusively for PlayStation 4 users, and it will test out the game's servers before its final release on the 26th. Some details were revealed about the beta, and here's what you need to know.

First off, the beta will be 5.5GB in size, and you'll be able to preload it on January 17th, two days before the beta officially kicks off on January 18th. That'll give you an ample amount of time to prep for it before it kicks off.

In addition, you'll be able to earn some cool camo face paint if you take part in the beta. All you'll need to do is complete one quest over the course of the beta, and it'll be available to you once you kick in the final game. If you complete all four of the quests included in the beta, you'll be able to snag a set of consumables as well. But be warned – you'll have your work cut out for you, as one of the quests involves taking down the elder dragon Nergigante, in only fifteen minutes time. Hope you've got a good team on hand.

The game will allow you to play solo, but it will be online only, so you'll still be logged in. But the good news is that it'll be open to every PlayStation 4 owners, and not PlayStation Plus subscribers, like previous betas have done.

That said, there is a small catch. Your quest progress won't be saved with the beta. So when you restart each new session, you'll be doing so without your gear that you earned beforehand. This will obviously change with the final game, but it's just something that Capcom has set up for the beta. Ah, well.

The beta will kick off on January 18th at 6 PM PDT, and end on January 21st around the same time, so you'll have three days to venture with your friends and see how well the game holds up. It'll be a good trial period before the final version arrives on January 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.