First Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast Announced

Mortal Kombat fans eager for more on Mortal Kombat 1 will get what they've been asking for next week when the game gets its very first Kombat Kast. NetherRealm Studios announced the debut MK1 Kombat Kast this week and teased some of what to expect from it by saying that we'd learn more about the movesets of Johnny Cage and Scorpion specifically, though we'll also hear more about the Kameos that are new to the series. All of this is scheduled to take place on July 6th at 10 a.m. PT with the Kombat Kast to be streamed from NetherRealm's Twitch channel.

As far as character showcases, we only know so far that the first Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast will for sure feature Scorpion and Johnny Cage. Other characters will probably make appearances, too, since NetherRealm is going to be talking about Kameo fighters, but those two will probably get quite a bit of the spotlight during the event if NetherRealm's going to be going into them in detail. 

To prep for those character showcases, you can read up on their updated bios that have now been added to the Mortal Kombat 1 site. Sure, the two will remain largely the same as they have in the past, at least in terms of the lore, but they've got new bios and slightly adjusted looks for this rebooted Mortal Kombat game.

"Like his cherished father, Scorpion is dedicated to the Lin Kuei and its defense of Earthrealm," an overview of Scorpion said. "When his father died, Scorpion was bereft. Though he took pride in knowing that his brother, Sub-Zero, would succeed their father as the Lin Kuei's Grandmaster. But Sub-Zero's unprecedented moves to cast off the Lin Kuei's traditional duties have frozen Scorpion's enthusiasm. He fears that he may one day have to battle his brother for control of the Lin Kuei's legacy."

"Like many stars before him, Johnny became addicted to his fame. He came to measure his self-worth by his fans' adoration and their praise of him on social media," an overview of Johnny Cage said. "But with his star now fading, Johnny is fighting an uphill battle to remain relevant. He joins Liu Kang's Earthrealm champions hoping that it will provide his career and his fame a desperately needed boost."

The first Mortal Kombat 1 playtest just ended not long ago, so it'd be an understatement to say that players were hungry for more info after getting their hands on the game. Some theories arose from the playtest based on dialogue and interactions between characters, but it's unlikely we'll get answers to some of those questions from this first Kombat Kast or anything like that in the future.