Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Match Ends In Intense Confrontation

"Pop offs" are a normal thing in the pro fighting game scene. For those that don't know: a pop off is just a release of emotion that usually comes in the form of the victor jumping up and yelling. That said, sometimes these cross the line and end in intense confrontation between two competitors, which is exactly what happened during a recent match between pro players Buffalo and Scar, where, during the CEO fighting game tournament, the former started yelling in the face of the latter.

So, why did this happen? Well, these two don't really like each other, thanks to a new Twitter beef. Recently, Scar made a tweet about Buffalo's win over fellow pro player ninjakill, where he claimed more or less that Buffalo only won because of the tournament's rules. Naturally, Buffalo took offense to this, which is why he went a bit extra when he and his Sub-Zero came back and defeated Scar and his Scorpion.

As you can see, thankfully the confrontation didn't lead to anything more. It wasn't a particularly great look for the scene though, which encourages competitors to show sportsmanship above all. That said, not long after the match, Buffalo apologized for being so heated. Meanwhile, Scar clarified the two are good.


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