Mortal Kombat Movie Writer Teases Game-Accurate Fatalities

Earlier this month, writer on the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, Greg Russo, confirmed the reboot [...]

(Photo: NetherRealm Studios)

Earlier this month, writer on the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, Greg Russo, confirmed the reboot will be both be R-rated and feature gory fatalities for the first time. That said, not only will the movie be R-rated and have fatalities, it will have fatalities that will be accurate to the games, however, they will also have a purpose larger than being cool showpieces. In other words, there won't be any fatalities thrown into the movie just for the sake of having them.

"Game accurate? Yes, we are. I can say for sure that the fatalities that we're going to put into the film are from the game," said Russo during an interview conducted by's Adam Barnhardt, and when asked whether game-accurate fatalities would be in the film.

"We're going to come up with some new things that we haven't seen before, but at the same time we want to ... if we're going to do it and use that device, we want to make sure that it's not just in there just to be in there and have that point to the story. So everything will always have that point to what's happening in the story, it will feel awesome and badass, and it's going to play a role, you know, it's not just going to be there just to be showy.

As you can see, Russo also teases that the movie will come up with some new things that fans of the series haven't seen before, which is exciting. I love Mortal Kombat's fatalities, but I've seen them all a million times by now.

Mortal Kombat is set to premier on March 5, 2021. First announced back in 2011, the film is being made by New Line Cinema and shot in South Australia as the region's largest ever production. Behind the movie is director and first-time filmaker Simon McQuoid and producer James Wan, who is perhaps best known for producing Aquaman. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Russo -- who is working on a variety of video game movies, including Resident Evil and Saints Row -- is penning the film's script.

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